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Article: How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When Buying a Standing Desk

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When Buying a Standing Desk

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When Buying a Standing Desk

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When Buying a Standing Desk


We've all experienced buyer's remorse. You are super-excited all the way to the store, plop down some hard-earned money, and then take the product home. Two hours later, you're fighting back tears, pressing 1 for English, hoping to get that one nice customer service rep who will offer a refund.

How many times have you started your day like this:

Buy A Standing Desk

And ended your day like this:


Well, we don't want you to feel like this when you buy a standing desk. You're about to invest in a piece of furniture that will boost your energy, drop some pounds, and make work interesting again. The last thing you should be worried about is regretting that decision because of a bad product. Let's talk about getting that standing desk and avoiding the pitfalls that cause the dreaded buyer's remorse.

Causes of Buyer's Remorse

In reality, buyer's remorse has more to do with the product you bought than with the decision to buy that product. When you make a choice to buy, you know what you're doing. But when the product or buying experience turns sour, it's hard to feel good about the decision.

Let's look at the most common causes for buyer's remorse.

    • Poor Quality - When you expected something more.
    • Poor Buying Experience - When I'm spending my hard-earned money, show me some respect!
    • Problems With the Purchase - Two-step buying process, takes a PhD to assemble the product and the instructions were written by a toddler. Thanks!
    • No Customer Support - Representatives were much more helpful before they had your money.
    • Paying Too Much For Too Little Value - You get what you pay for... hopefully!

How To Avoid Buyer's Remorse

Knowing what causes buyer's remorse is helpful if you want to avoid it. But a better outlook would be to believe in the product you are buying. If you're considering a standing desk, you may want to understand the benefits of standing while you work. If you really believe in the benefits a standing desk will bring to you, you'll be excited every time you use it.

Why Do People Buy Standing Desks?

As Simon Sinek says, "Start With Why" — remember the reasons you chose to seek out the product in the first place. In the case of shopping for a standing desk, you are making a lifestyle and health decision; you're probably not just looking for taller furniture.

Let's look at four common reasons people like you are looking at standing desks:

1. Health Benefits

Think about this: If you work out in a gym for an hour each day, sitting all day for work essentially negates your workout. And for those who aren't active, mortality rates rise 94% for women and 48% for men. According to the  Pennington Biomedical Research Center, you are 54% more likely to die from a heart attack if you spend most of your day sitting. Just typing that makes me want to stand up!

2. Increased Productivity

When I want to relax, I sit down. When I want to "spring into action," I stand up.

When I go to work to get things done, I sit down? That just doesn't translate logically.

According to Business Insider magazine, simply standing can increase productivity by 10%. Not only that, but it improves concentration and reduces headaches. Imagine how much higher your productivity will be with your sleek desk that stands up when you do.

3. Neck/Back Pain Relief

Even if you have the latest ergonomic chair, back pillows, and neck braces, sitting still puts a strain on your legs, back, and neck. If you sit long enough, regardless of the money you pour into ergonomics, your neck and back will start to ache, and the associated headaches will start.

Standing reduces the strain on the back and neck by improving your posture. Remember, sitting puts 90% more strain on your lower body than standing does.

4. A Better Lifestyle

The health benefits and productivity together mean a better overall lifestyle. Standing will use your muscles more throughout the day, your heart will be healthier, and by being more productive, you will feel more accomplished at the end of the day. And you'll still have energy when your work is done — no more crashing at the end of your workday and missing out on a fun life outside of work.

How To Make the Best Buying Decision

At the end of the day, it's not hyperbole — you want to be happy with your standing desk. Check off these three items and it will be easy to keep that excitement going long after the purchase.

1. Get the most value for your money. You don't have to break the bank, but you don't want to buy junk either. Trust me, that $5 Fisher Price desk is $5 for a reason!

2. Focus on the benefits, not just the purchase. There's a reason you wanted to buy a standing desk, and a ton of benefits to back that decision up. Don't think of your purchase as furniture. Think of it as a lifestyle investment.

3. Do Your Homework. Shop around and see what real customers are saying. Pick the best product for your budget from the standpoint of quality. Buy from a company that provides excellent support, and then relax. Your standing desk is on its way and you're about to enjoy a new way of working.

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