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Under Desk Cable Management Mesh Taco

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Our Mesh Cable Management Taco is a clean, elegant, and practical solution to your standing desk's cord management problem. This standing desk cable management sleeve is also a  perfect match with the StandDesk commercial-grade power strips so all your devices can be conveniently powered without the power supply lying out in plain sight.

Smart Cable Management For Under Your Desk

This smart cable organizer doesn't just help your sit-stand desk work area look pretty, it also helps keep cords out of the way of young ones for those of you that are baby-proofing your home.

A New Solution For Under Desk Cable Nets

While our Mesh Cable Management Taco is designed especially for our sit-stand desks, these can be installed on any desk for an easy way to manage your desk cables. 

Secure cable management for your standing desk

Another safe and convenient feature of this cable management sleeve for standing desks is that it's fire-proof and comes with 12 velcro straps that securely lock in your wires.

Durable Cable Management For Under Desk

This is not some cheap plastic cable management tray that will snap and break after a few tugs. Our cable management for desks solution is built to withstand years of use, movement, plugging, and unplugging of your devices. Take cable management to a whole new level and look good doing it!

Standing Desk Cable Management solution features

  • FULL ORGANIZATIONAL CONTROL - For the hyper-organized, you can group devices in dedicated spaces with 12 velcro straps to organize cables, wires and power strips.
  • EASY ACCESS CABLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION - Simple open and close with dual laneway straps on the inside for quick access to add or remove devices on the fly.
  • PROTECTIVE CABLE MANAGEMENT -  Fire-retardant fabric that protects against general damage to cords and wires.
  • COMPATIBLE - Fits perfectly with all StandDesk commercial-grade power strips so you can easily pair your cable management with power.

Reviews Of Our Standing Desk Cable Management Solution:

Want to read reviews of our Mesh Taco Cable Management Sleeve? Check out the ratings and reviews from our satisfied customers looking for cable management solutions for their StandDesk.Co standing desks below.

Under Desk Cable Management Mesh Taco
Under Desk Cable Management Mesh Taco Sale price$59.00 Regular price$160.00