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Note: All of our desktops have dual grommet holes.

We offer a variety of desktop options to choose from to complete your standing desk setup. You can choose the look and feel that gives you the most confidence in your workplace. With us, you can choose between both laminate and solid wood options. Natural, solid wood desktops may offer a calming, organic aesthetic for some, while a laminate desktop can offer an inexpensive alternative in a non-brown option.

The color and material isn’t the only customizable option for your sit-stand desk. We offer a multitude of desk sizes to fit your space. Not every office is the same and so your desk options shouldn’t be one standard size. Those who work in smaller spaces or cubicles can take advantage of our additional organizational tools like monitor arms and filing cabinets to maximize your space.


Tops ONLY Sale price$70.95 Regular price$141.90