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Article: 10 Reasons Sit to Stand Desks Are So Popular

10 Reasons Sit to Stand Desks Are So Popular

The 10 Reasons Why Sit to Stand Desks Are So Popular


You may be thinking, "It's just a desk! What's the big deal?"

Well, for starters, you have it all wrong. It's not just a desk. Sit to stand desks are life-saving, fat-fighting, energy-boosting, pain-reducing, productivity-increasing, team-building miracles. Think we're overstating a bit? Read the facts for yourself and see if you don't come to the same conclusion.

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Why Sit to Stand Desks Are So Popular

1. Sitting Is Killing You

Let's get straight to the point. There's a good reason that some refer to sitting as the new smoking. Sitting for hours on end (see what we did there?) is simply not good for your body!

Sitting for 8+ hours a day increases your risk of dying prematurely by 15%. Sit for 11 hours and that number jumps up to 40%! Yikes!

When you're sitting at a desk, you're inactive. Those fingers may be going crazy on the keyboard, but your body isn't doing much. According to the BBC, inactivity causes 3.5 million deaths each year. Like us, you're probably not anxious to be a part of that statistic.

Sitting for long amounts of time has also been linked to increased risk of disease. Twenty-five percent of breast and colon cancer and 27% of diabetes is caused by sitting too much, according to the World Health Organization. You're at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease (2 times higher!) and more if you consistently sit for long stretches of time throughout the day.

No wonder more and more people are wanting to get off their backsides and onto their feet!

2. Standing Desks Can Promote Good Health

Standing more is clinically proven to improve your health, reduce the risk of premature death and disease, and increase physical activity. Time spent standing has even been proven to be more effective at reducing the risks associated with sitting than an hour of exercise.

3. Sitting at a Desk All Day Can Be Painful

If you've worked sitting at a desk for any length of time, then we really need no explanation here. But just in case you haven't connected the dots, the back, shoulder, head, and neck pain isn't coincidental.

When you're sitting, " up to 90% more pressure is applied on your lower back," and extended sitting can lead to reduced spine flexibility and disk damage.

If your desk, keyboard, and monitor height are not correct and you're not using an ergonomic desk chair, you're probably craning your neck and hunching your shoulders, overextending muscles and causing pain and headaches.

Because living with preventable pain on a daily basis is not an option, more people are choosing to stand.


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4. Standing Desks Can Reduce Aches and Pain

By standing periodically throughout the day, you can dramatically reduce back pain. One company put standing desks to the test and found that users had fewer headaches.

Switching to a sit to stand desk is a great way to combat the pain associated with sitting for hours, but it's still important to make sure your desk, keyboard, and monitor height are adjusted for you. You should also invest in an anti-fatigue mat and alternate between sitting and standing so new aches and pains don't begin to manifest themselves.

5. Sitting Can Cause Weight Gain

You heard us! Sitting is no friend of the waistline.

Obese individuals sit for 2.5 hours more per day than those who are fit. One study shows that while exercise rates stayed the same, obesity in Americans doubled over the course of 20 years as sitting increased by 8%. After sitting for only one hour, the production of the fat burning enzyme, Lipoprotein Lipase, decreases by as much as 90%.

6. Standing Helps You Lose Weight

Your heart actually beats 10 times more per minute when you go from sitting to standing. That means you could be burning 30,000+ more calories over the course of a year! If you stand for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, you'll burn about 8 lbs. a year.

Sitting requires little-to-no energy, but standing engages your body and burns fat to promote weight loss.

7. Sitting Is Bad For Your Mental Wellbeing

After sitting for a while, your brain functions slow down. Sitting still is like telling your body to go to sleep and work less, which leads to mental fatigue. When your body is inactive, your brain doesn't get the healthy blood flow and glucose metabolism it needs to work properly. Less oxygen means your ability to concentrate is reduced.

8. Standing at a Desk Can Make You More Productive

When you stand, your muscles are engaged and able to pump fresh blood to your brain. That blood triggers the release of chemicals that not only enhance your brain but improve your mood, too!

One company found that using standing desks increased energy levels and improved concentration on task completion. Research suggests that standing helps with increased productivity by 10%!

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9. Standing in the Workplace Encourages Team Building

Companies like Reddit who have tried sit to stand desks noticed that their employees felt free to move around the office and connect with one another. These interactions create a team culture that leads to fresh collaborations and an energizing workplace atmosphere.

10. You Can Sit or Stand

One of the main reasons that sit to stand desks are becoming so popular is that they give you the best of both worlds. You get the most benefits if you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday. With a sit to stand desk, you can easily make the transition in moments.

Sit Stand Desks Are More Than Just A Trend

Sit to stand desks are more than just a popular trend. The lifestyle and health benefits have been proven, and we really do believe there's a bit of magic in them.

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