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Article: Reasons You Won't Buy a Sit Stand Desk: And Why You Will Regret It

Reasons You Won't Buy a Sit Stand Desk: And Why You Will Regret It

4 Reasons You Won't Buy a Sit Stand Desk: And Why You Will Regret It


Is A Standing Desk Worth It?

There's a lot of hype surrounding sit to stand desks—and with good reason! Sitting at a desk for a ridiculous amount of time during the day is resulting in health problems, obesity, and wasted time for a lot of people.

There are tons of great stats supporting the sit to stand desk craze. Here are few reasons why they are worth it:


    • Up to 90% more pressure is applied to your lower back when you sit, according to researchers at Cornell. No wonder you're experiencing back pain after a long day at the office!


    • One hour of sitting can decrease the fat burning enzyme, Lipoprotein Lipase, by as much as 90%. You may be rethinking that donut you had for breakfast...


    • By standing about three hours a day, 5 days a week, you can burn about 30,000 calories a year. That's about 8 pounds of fat! There's no complaining about that benefit!


  • Sit stand desks can make you more productive, by up to 10%, boost your energy, improve concentration, and reduce headaches, according to a study completed by Business Insider. Talk about working smarter!

Should I Buy A Standing Desk?

Even with the overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of sit to stand desks, not everyone has bought in.


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4 Reasons You Won't Buy A Sit Stand Desk

1. Cost

If you already have a desk, you may not want to invest in a new one. It's not like someone out there is giving out free upgrades to sit-to-stand desks, right? Buying a sit stand desk means you're going to have to make a purchase, and that in itself can stop some people from buying one.

But is a Standing Desk worth it?

We get it, sit-to-stand desks have been traditionally too expensive, like over $1,000 per desk expensive. That's, in part, why StandDesk was founded to begin with. In fact, our standing desks start at just $489. So if the prices of standing desks is holding you back, check out our customizable standing desk.

2. Standing Hurts

Now that sit stand desks have become more popular, you've probably heard or read someone's complaints about how standing all day hurts.

Guess what? It's true!

While standing does relieve strain and pressure in your body, standing for hours at a time comes with its own set of pains.

You don't have to trade sitting all day for standing all day.



You should alternate between sitting and standing in order to benefit from the best of both worlds. Sit stand desks allow you to easily adjust the height of your desk, making it easy to transition from sitting to standing during the workday.

Another great solution is using an anti-fatigue mat, which helps immensely with the transition to standing more.

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3. You Don't Have Neck or Back Pain

If you aren't currently dealing with back, shoulder, neck discomfort, or other aches and pains, you may be thinking that sit/stand desks are great for other folks, but not necessary for you. If you're thinking of these desks as intervention for pain only, you won't buy one.

However, sit stand desks aren't just for combatting pain.

Standing while working is a great way to increase productivity, boost energy, and improve the health of your brain. There are a ton of health benefits from saying no to the chair.

Plus, it's always smart to be preventative and buy a height adjustable sit stand desk with the intention of staying pain free.

4. You Work Out

You may consider yourself physically fit and keep to a strict workout routine. If so, then sit stand desks aren't going to add much to your lifestyle, right?


Working out, then sitting all day is not just hindering your results from physical activity, it could actually be hurting you by training your muscles to heal at a sitting posture. Standing for 3-4 hours during your workday equates to the same as running 10 marathons in a year's time. Seriously!

Avoid Future Regret, Buy the Standing Desk

Don't let one these excuses keep you from buying a sit stand desk and enjoying all of the benefits it offers. You're investing in a lifestyle that will impact your physical and mental health and your productivity. You can come up with plenty of reasons not to buy a sit stand desk, but you'll regret it in the end. The benefits are worth the investment—so make the easy, smart decision and buy the desk.

Should I Buy A Standing Desk?

Want to build your own standing desk? Check out this link to find the Standing Desk that works for you: 

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