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Article: 5 Best Standing Desk Accessories for Kids

5 Best Standing Desk Accessories for Kids

The 5 Best Standing Desk Accessories for Kids

In order to maximize ergonomics, your child needs more than just the best standing desk. In addition to this revolutionary tool for improving and enhancing both health and work efficiency, the best standing desk needs a few office desk accessories to go along with it.

These varied products act as complements to the stand up desk, emphasizing its health benefits and making it even easier to use overall. Whether you’re looking for some cool gifts that will improve your child’s health, or are just simply looking to add a little something extra to their standing desk experience, the following 5 products are the best accessories for the stand up desk.

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To ensure that your child uses their standing desk comfortably and effectively, there are a few accessories that can truly transform their stand up desk experience. These accessories are designed to increase comfort, maximize efficiency, and even improve your child’s workout when using the desk. Check out the following five products.

1. Anti Fatigue Mat: If you’re going to get any accessory to go along with your standing desk, an anti fatigue mat should be your first choice. While the standing desk is good for cutting down on prolonged sitting, it can lead to another issue: prolonged standing.

That’s right—standing for long periods of time can cause serious stress and damage to your body, leaving you feeling tired and physically overwhelmed. The anti fatigue mat is designed to help alleviate pressure on the joints and muscles that comes from standing for a prolonged amount of time. It helps to bring relief and makes sure that you feel better after long stretches of working.

It’s all about moderation, folks.

2. Tall Stool or Chair: A chair for a standing desk? Yes, this may seem counterproductive, but it’s actually one of the more necessary standing desk accessories. As pointed out before, standing for long periods of time can be as bad as sitting for long periods of time, just in different ways. Having a tall stool or supportive chair can help your child change positions every couple of hours to provide rest and relief for aching, tired joints and muscles. Be sure that their sitting time doesn’t go on too long, though—balance between the two is key.

stool for standing desk

3. Comfy and Supportive Shoes: You wouldn’t let your child go running in flat, uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes, so why let them use their standing desk in them? Comfy yet supportive shoes are a must if your child has a standing desk. It not only helps to support the joints and muscles, but also provides comfort, which can result in more stamina and less pain over time.

Of course, when first using a standing desk, your child’s legs and hips may be sore due to new muscles being used. By pairing comfortable, supportive shoes with their new desk, you can cut down on this soreness as well as aches, and other pesky pains.

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4. Timer: For the child who can get caught up doing a project on their standing desk or using the internet for long periods of time, a timer is the perfect accessory. Standing for hours at a time can lead to serious fatigue and soreness, so it is important to know when to sit and take a breather.

If your child tends to lose track of time, a timer is a great way to monitor how long they’ve been standing and remind them to move around, take a seat, and stretch. You can use your phone as a timer, or try a typical kitchen timer to get the job done.

timer for using a standing desk

5. Step Stool: if you’ve ever had to stand for a long time, you know that humans naturally shift their weight around to make themselves more comfortable and to relieve pain and stiffness. If your child is prone to spending long hours at their desk doing homework, playing, or working on projects, a step stool is a great way to help them move around, shift positions, and alleviate pain.

A step stool can offer a break for the legs and feet, as well as promote better blood flow and circulation due to movement and bending the knees. It’s a simple accessory that can do a lot for your child’s health and comfort!

These five office desk accessories are the ideal additions to the best standing desk because they improve child ergonomics, help alleviate any pain and discomfort that standing can bring, and teach children that the body is a complex machine that needs constant care. Working desks will likely never become obsolete, but the standing desk and these office desk accessories are proof that this necessity is always growing, changing and improving for people today and the future.


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