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Article: 5 Reasons You May Want to Reconsider Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter

Stand Up Desk Converter

5 Reasons You May Want to Reconsider Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter

5 Reasons You May Reconsider Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter

Major companies around the world are providing sit and stand options to their employees for wellness and efficiency reasons, and we believe it’s smart to follow their lead. Whether you manage a small business or work on your own, you too can benefit from having the ability to alternate between sitting and standing while you work.

Now, if you're looking for the most affordable option, you may be thinking of buying a standing desk converter, which can be placed on your existing table or any level surface. Yet before you do, you may want to reconsider this option especially when you can get greater value with a real sit-to-stand desk.

sit stand converter
Our fully assembled, ready-to-use solution sits on top of your current desk.  With the push of a button you can easily switch position in just a few seconds.

Here are some areas to look into when reconsidering your plan to buy a stand up desk converter:

Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter

1. Stability issue

The fact that a converter can be placed on top of your existing desktop brings up the possibility that it can move around when you're working on your laptop. In a worst case scenario, you could accidentally push a four-legged converter (along with your precious devices) unto the edge of the table. As for converters with a supposedly "heavy and stable" single stand, they also run the high risk of toppling over. On the other hand, a full sit-to-stand desk has greater stability because it stands firmly on the floor and is big enough to resist shaking while you type on your keyboard.

2. Generally made for only one purpose vs. tables

Although electric standing desk converters make it easy to convert desk to standing desk, they don't generally offer greater value for the money compared to an actual real sit/stand desk because they are generally not multi-purpose. For example, the four-legged basic ones only work well with laptop computers.

While there are heavier, larger converters with trays capable of holding 2 monitors and a keyboard and mouse, they're best left sitting on your desk the whole time since they're inconveniently heavy to be moving them around. This means that your desktop will not be used for any other purpose unlike a sit-to-stand desk where you can clear the top to serve as a writing table.

More importantly, for the price of a heavy-duty converter, you can also afford to order a fully motorized stand desk that can serve many purposes.

3. Doesn't fully support sit and stand

Not all standing desk conversions provide enough height range to achieve a comfortable standing position. Desk risers may not be adjustable or lack the height settings you need to get the most benefit out of standing to work.

When you convert a sitting desk to a standing desk, it shouldn't be a distraction. You shouldn't feel like stopping your work completely just because you have to get your converter and put it on your desk. But with an actual standing desk, especially one with an electric motor, you can seamlessly adjust between sitting and standing.

 black standing desk

4. Higher expenses with converters

If you already have an existing desk, converters can be a good purchase when you want to enjoy the benefits of standing while working. Otherwise, you'll have to buy both a good desk and a dependable converter, which means you'll incur larger expenses. If you need to buy a desk though, opt for a height-adjustable standing desk instead.

5. May not look great with existing interiors

Unless you plan to make your own converter, the designs available on the market are pretty limited. The basic ones generally just come with a black surface and gray legs. Other designs tend to be industrial-looking, which can be an eyesore to your modern or classic office interior design.

On the other hand, you can order a highly customized standing desk with a work surface color or design that suits your office and even your personality. You can also opt to add practical features such as a cable management tray and an integrated power strip to keep ugly wires away from view.


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