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Article: The 5 Standing Desk Alternatives For a Tiny Workspace

Standing Desk Alternative Mounted Shelf

The 5 Standing Desk Alternatives For a Tiny Workspace

5 Standing Desk Alternatives For a Tiny Workspace

I’ve been there - Browsing through Pinterest posts of expansive office spaces with a corkboard wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, a coffee station and a sit-stand desk with a monitor arm. Then I remember that my home office is the size of a closet (literally a repurposed closet) and I’m daydreaming again. For many of us living in big cities and elsewhere, this is our situation. Smaller living spaces are gaining in popularity and smaller living spaces means tiny offices. Let’s not forget those of us confined to cubicles or a shared office space. Sometimes a full-size standing desk just won't fit. 

If you’re ready to transition to a healthy office life but lack the space for the average standing desk, here are five alternatives that will inspire you to get standing!

1.  Standing Desk Riser for Desktops

You can turn almost any surface into a standing desk with a standing desk riser. These height adjustable, easy to assemble standing desk risers effortlessly raise and lower to your preferred height with gas springs. There’s even an integrated keyboard tray and tablet/smartphone holder. Best of all, you get all of the benefits of a standing desk without the use of electricity. It’s low impact, semi - portable and most importantly, small.

Price: $299+

Setup time: 0 - 10 minutes (Comes pre-assembled in the box!)

Things to consider: Desktop riser size and height range


standing desk converter

Work sitting or standing with this ultra-easy standing desk riser solution and enjoy all the benefits adding movement to your workday brings – increased productivity, energy and wellness.

Shop The Standing Desktop Converter

2.  Mounted Shelf

For the DIY aficionados out there, a shelf mounted securely to your wall is a super easy solution if you lack the space for a desk. You can find custom desktop surfaces and mounting brackets at most hardware stores. For a project like this, it’s important that you mount heavy-duty brackets into a wall stud and always make sure that the brackets will be able to support the weight of your desk items. The fun part about this is that you can totally customize the size and style of your desk. You could even use folding shelf brackets to stow away your desktop when not in use!


Setup time: 30 minutes + time shopping for materials

Things to consider: Weight of desktop items, location of wall studs

3.  Laptop Stand

laptop stand

Bring your workspace to new heights with something as simple as a laptop stand.

This allows you to place your laptop on surfaces of any height for a portable, comfortable and space saving workspace. Pair it with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you’ve got yourself a workstation worthy of most jobs that can fit in a backpack. Your future self will thank you for raising your laptop to eye level too. Experts agree that raising your screen to a comfortable height neutralizes the spine, minimizing the risk for back and neck strain.

Price: $40+

Setup time: 0 - 10 minutes (Most come pre-assembled!)

Things to consider: Laptop stand height range

4.  Tablet Arm

standing desk laptop arm

This is an simple and versatile solution for any tiny workspace, mobile office or as an addition to your existing setup. One end attaches securely onto your tablet and the other end clamps onto any surface up to one inch thick such as a countertop, or desktop riser. Add your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, adjust the flexible arm to your liking and you’ve got yourself a mobile standing desk! It takes up almost no space and can double as the ultimate tool for watching Netflix in bed.


Setup time: 0 - 10 minutes (Most come pre-assembled!)

Things to consider: Mobile charging, cord management

5. The Movel - Portable Standing Desk

Portable Standing Desk On Rollers

Mobility. Flexibility. Comfort. - The Movel adjustable height mobile standing desk on wheels gives you the freedom to work the way you want, anywhere you want. This mobile desk’s light-scale design, tiltable desktop, and manual height-adjustability provide the ultimate solution for a nimble, space-saving work companion. Whether at home or in the office, the Movel adjustable height mobile standing desk helps you and your workday roll into action.

Mobile Standing Desk

Built with mobility in mind, the lightweight Movel mobile standing desk on wheels allows any working-from-home professionals or learning-from-home students to take their work station anywhere in your home. Standing desks on wheels, sometimes referred to as a Caster Standing Desk or a Rolling Standing Desk, allow for total portability. 

You can buy this portable standing desk on sale for $99 right now:

Portable Standing Desk

If you don’t have room for a standing desk, one of these alternative desks may fit the bill. Whichever solution works for you, be proud of your micro office! Taking a stand for health and productivity can be done regardless of the size of your space.

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