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Article: Does Standing Up Make You Live Longer?

Does Standing Up Make You Live Longer?

Does Standing Up Make You Live Longer?

Does Standing Up Make You Live Longer?

Did you know that the average person spends about 10 hours everyday sitting? That’s almost half your day spent with minimal movement... Studies have even shown that sitting more than 11 hours a day can increase your risk of dying prematurely by 40%! And that number climbs much higher the longer you spend on your tush...

Here’s another mind-blowing stat: Your risk of getting a heart attack is about the same as a cigarette smoker if you spend most of your day sitting? Imagine living what you think is a “healthy” lifestyle and then one day you end up in the hospital from a heart attack even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life...

Now what if you could live a richer, fuller and dramatically healthier life just by standing more throughout your day? Just the simple act of standing transforms the way your body functions. Much like walking, standing boosts your energy, burns more calories, improves your posture, tones up your muscles and stimulates your metabolism.

These 3 steps reveal the things you can do right now if you want to reclaim your health, live a longer life, and be the most productive you’ve ever been...

Ready to take a stand on your health? Let’s dive in!

Does Standing Up Make You Live Longer?

Step 1: Be Aware Of How Much You’re Sitting Versus Standing

Take a look at your typical day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep—just think about all the time throughout your day you spend sitting down. If you’re like most people, you wake up and go straight into work mode.

You probably spend at least 8 hours on your rear end! And that’s not even taking into account all the time you spend after work sitting while you’re watching your favorite shows, playing video games or spending even more time on your computer.

All this sitting is doing, is increasing your chances of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression AND joint and muscle problems. And these statistics just get worse every hour that you spend sitting!

Now, it’s time for you to...

Step 2: Stand Up For Your Health

You have the power to take control of your health right this very instant:

It all begins with awareness followed by a choice; a conscious choice to make standing and “good ole fashioned” moving around more integrated into your life.

However, realize that even if you exercise regularly, spending the majority of your week sitting will undo many of the improvements you’re working so hard to make.  In fact, studies have shown that men who work more than 23 hours a week of sedentary activity had a 64% higher risk of dying from heart disease when compared to those with less than 11 hours a week.

Keep in mind most of these men exercised on a regular basis.

You can begin today by changing your lifestyle this very instant ... Are you standing right now or sitting right now? How long have you been standing or sitting? Does your body need a break? Are your muscles sore from sitting too long?

I urge you to make the decision right now to take action for your health. When you take a stand for your health, you hold your health at a much higher standard; you no longer settle for anything less because you choose to live a richer and fuller life.

Now, this may sound a little too simple, yet just try it on “like a jacket” and see for yourself the positive results just start pouring in!

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Step 3: Balance Your Life Between Sitting Versus Standing

Now even though you might get all excited with from this new knowledge and want to stand for the majority of the day— the key here is balance. You want to give your body the breaks it needs from sitting AND also from standing.

Take regular breaks every hour to walk around or even just stand for a few minutes... this will oxygenate your system and get your blood circulation pumping. You can keep yourself on track with a timer if you feel the need to.

The more balance you have in your life between sitting versus standing, the lower the chances of you getting a life-threatening condition as serious as heart disease.

That is why many experts agree that standing desks are the optimal way to balance your time between sitting and standing because if you’re like most of us, you spend the majority of your time at your desk. So why not optimize the area you spend the bulk of your life in?

By doing this, you make your health your #1 priority; and when you live a healthy lifestyle, you naturally feel more amazing and are even more capable of doing extraordinary things.

These 3 surprisingly simple steps can transform your life the second you decide to take action...

    1. Be aware of how many hours you spend each day sitting versus standing.
    2. Accept only higher standards for your health.
    3. Make sure you balance the time you spend sitting versus standing so you can live your most optimal life yet.

Now... Are you ready to take a stand for your health?  


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