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Article: What Are the Best Desks for the Home Office?

What Are the Best Desks for the Home Office?

What Are the Best Desks for the Home Office?

What Are the Best Desks for the Home Office?

Realize that choosing your desk for your home office is not as easy as picking from a random selection of products in a furniture shop. Whether you have a dedicated room or a single corner in the house as an office, you need to make sure that your working desk won't hinder you from being productive.

Are Standing Desks Sturdy?

There can be many distractions when you're working at home like your children who want attention or even your easy access to comfort food. So the last thing you want is even more disturbances from a subpar standing desk like a squeaking noise or shaky surface as you type on your keyboard.

So then, what makes a standing desk the ideal piece to have in your home office? Rest easy, we’ve got you covered...

Standing Desks

What Features Do You Need In A Standing Desk?

When considering furniture for work use, it's wise to look into the practical application first. One area to look into is the available workspace on the table. The best desk for your home office is one with at least enough workspace that you can easily reach your devices with a simple arm’s reach without having to bend your body over. If you have more space beyond that, you can use the extra area to place work-related supplies or files that you occasionally use. The primary areas are the spaces that both your hands can reach while your elbows are close to your body. These spaces are perfect spots for your keyboard and mouse if you're a computer user.

Desk height is another consideration and here are a few standards to keep in mind. When working at your desk, ergonomic experts recommend the following:

  •  When sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor or supported by a foot rest;
  • The length from your elbows to your hands should be parallel to the floor and should be at a level slightly above your desk
  • The top portion of your screen should be at your eye level.

So what you really want is a desk that accommodates enough tabletop space and one with the ideal height - enter The Standing Desk. 

Buy Standing Desks

Going Beyond the Basics

If you plan to work in your home office for long periods, it's wise to invest in a standing desk with adjustable height. The sit-to-stand desks, also simply known as standing desks, offer a more beneficial alternative to their non-flexible counterparts. Prolonged standing or sitting is not just bad for your posture and overall health, this can get even worse when you're working because you're more focused on being more productive instead of constantly looking after your welfare.

With stand desks, you can alternate between sitting and standing to give your muscles some breathing room. At the same time, adjustable desks allow you to ensure that your elbows and hands are still parallel to the floor to maintain comfort whether you're standing or sitting.

Build Your Own Standing Desk

What Do Standing Desks Look Like?

Who says you have to sacrifice beauty when opting for a practical desk? The tabletop is usually the part where you can add a piece of your own personality, and each design can even serve a practical purpose. For example:

  • A white laminated top will help brighten up your home office, especially when you're in a small room or in need of more light
  • A laminated top in black finish can help you focus more while you work as it can reduce distractions
  • A wooden top with a good stain or grain can blend well into your interior design especially if you’re going for a classic theme.

If you have a modern interior look, desks that feature a minimalist appeal are good choices. These are the ones that generally have the required tabletop with a metallic stand that is sturdy enough to carry heavy weight and stable enough to withstand shaking as you work. Aside from the contemporary look that this design exudes, it also offers a practical solution if you have limited space in your home office.

Standing Desks

Are There Adjustable Standing Desks?

The best standing desks for the home office are those that can seamlessly incorporate the functional and aesthetic aspects that we’ve discussed here today. With these considerations in mind, you'll definitely find the desk that’s right for you when you shop around. Yet, if you want to have the perfect piece for your home office, consider ordering adjustable standing desks which are customizable when it comes to the design and color of both the frames and the tabletop.

What Is The Best Standing Desk?

To find the right standing desk for your space, take into account both the aesthetics of the room you have your office in, the decor, and the existing furniture it will need to pair with. To find the best standing desk options for your space, please take a look at the link below:

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