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Article: What is the Best Standing Desk Converter

What is the Best Standing Desk Converter

What is the Best Standing Desk Converter

What is the Best Standing Desk Converter

Many people now love to stand while working whether using a height-adjustable desk or the best standing desk converter for them. Why not? There are many benefits that this position can give both in terms of health and productivity.

In fact, major organizations like Facebook and Google are providing their employees the sit-and-stand option to do their work. Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are also enjoying the many positive effects of standing while doing work.

Standing Desk Converter

How Do You Turn A Normal Desk Into A Standing Desk?

If you're planning to adopt this work method, your best option is to acquire a height adjustable standing desk. But if you already have your own traditional desk and buying a new one may not be practical for now, you can opt for a standing desk converter that you can just place on top of your existing table or any other level surface.

Standing Desk Converters

But like any product, there are various stand up desk converter models available in the market. You should realize that not all converters are made the same, and thus, don't just buy the first item you see. In essence, if you want to determine the best product to buy that will convert sitting desk to standing desk, you will have to assess how you work and what you do.

Don't worry, as I outlined here the factors when searching for the best converter for you.

What Is The Best Standing Desk Converter?

Perhaps the most obvious feature to look into is the dimension of the working surface. If you're a laptop user, then the small simple standing desk converter units can be appropriate for you. These are generally the types that you can conveniently tuck away when not needed and are often designed as a space-saver suitable for small offices and for dormitories (in case of students). Of course, don't forget to make sure that the converter is height-adjustable so that your working surface is at a comfortable level.

If you're a desktop PC user or someone who uses external keyboard and a second monitor with your laptop, then you obviously need a larger working surface. Fortunately, there are minimalist-designed converters featuring four legs and a wide surface to accommodate your computer and accessories.

But you have to reconsider using a converter when you're a PC or dual-monitor user because it can be a real hassle alternating between sitting and standing while working. Are you willing to constantly take on and off the devices?

Standing Desk Converter

How Do You Mount A Monitor On A Standing Desk?

As I previously mentioned, standing desk converters are not made the same and your ultimate choice will depend on how you work or what you're working on. For one, there are adjustable standing desk converter models that come with a support bracket for your flat screen.

Some standing desk converters are even made specifically for dual-monitor users such as digital graphic artists, web developers and software engineers. Other units are multi-tiered to separately adjust the levels for the keyboard and mouse and for the monitors.

But whatever the products you're considering to convert desk to standing desk, you should also be wary of the stability issues and the load limits of standing desk converters. You don't want your precious devices to topple over to the floor, do you?

Should I Buy A Standing Desk?

For greater stability and peace of mind, invest on a full-size sit/stand desk that can stand firmly on the floor and has a load limit of more than 200 pounds. While a standing desk converter can help you get the feel of transitioning to a standing worklife for now, it's best to plan for the future acquisition of an electrically height-adjustable working desk that seamlessly lets you alternate between sit and stand positions.

To find the right standing desk converter for your office check out the link below:

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