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Article: What is the Best Standing Desk for Laptop Users?

What is the Best Standing Desk for Laptop Users?

What is the Best Standing Desk for Laptop Users? 

Standing desks are awesome and have been proven to boost your health, mood, and productivity. But one of the most common complaints is that standing at a desk while using a laptop is uncomfortable.


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Working from laptops can cause us to hunch over, which is horrible posture. There are many different ways to address pain from laptop use. A lot of people have turned to standing desks as a way to relieve those laptop side effects, only to learn they are still there whether sitting or standing.

So, is all hope lost for you laptop user? It's not worth investing in a standing desk if working on your laptop still causes neck pain, right? Are you destined to a life of neck and shoulder pain by virtue of your chosen computation device?

We don't think so!

Let's take a look at the best standing desks for laptop users.

The Best Standing Desks for Laptop Users

First, standing desks that are hard to adjust are pretty much out of the picture. If you're going to use a laptop, you'll need to make sure you get the best desk height to accommodate your build and the level of your laptop.

Electric desks easily allow you to make adjustments to the height, allowing you choose the most comfortable standing position with the push of a button. Bonus points if your standing desk has memory. Once you find that perfect desk height for sitting or standing, you can save your settings for the future. The ability to transition from sitting to standing also goes a long way to help alleviate any discomfort from being in one position too long.

Getting the Eye Level Right

As much as we all love our laptops, and the freedom they give us to work from just about anywhere, they really aren't the greatest to work from. The screen is below the eye level, which causes you to hunch over and put additional strain on your neck, shoulders, and back whether you're sitting or standing.

If you really want to be comfortable at a desk while using a laptop, you should invest in an external monitor. You'll still have the flexibility of taking your computer with you wherever you go, but when you're at your desk, the screen will be eye level and allow you to straighten your posture.

Peripherals to the Rescue

Another option is to invest in a standing desk with a keyboard tray and buy an external keyboard and trackpad. This will allow you to raise the desk a little higher so that the laptop screen is eye level without feeling like your keyboard is in an awkward position up by your shoulders.

The quality of your standing desk is super important! If you decide to go with an external monitor (or two), your standing desk will need to be able to support the additional weight. There are a lot of standing desks that get wobbly when the weight of external monitors is combined with aggressive typing. After investing in a standing desk, having to stabilize your desk while you work is just annoying.

If you don't want to be stuck standing all day, you may want to invest a little more in a motorized standing desk. This will allow you to quickly adjust from sitting to standing at will. When your legs start getting tired, you can just sit down for a while and recharge.

The bottom line is that you need to decide if the benefits of a standing desk make it worth the additional costs associated with making your laptop work. Best-case scenario, couple an electric standing desk with an external monitor (or two) so you can take advantage of the benefits of a standing desk and keep your neck, back, legs, and feet from hurting at the same time.


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