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Article: Standing Desk Converter: When Is a Standing Desk Converter the Better Option?

Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter: When Is a Standing Desk Converter the Better Option?

Standing Desk Converters

By now you may already be aware of the many health benefits of standing while working. But of course you cannot stand the whole day long. That is why you need to shift between standing and sitting from time to time when using a standing desk.

Bearing this in mind, you start shopping around for standing desks. Because you need to vary positions every now and then, you focus on height adjustable units. While canvassing stores online, you realize there are several models you can choose from. Their differing features and prices expand your options.

However, you still cannot help but wonder if getting one is really worth it. For starters, you already have a sturdy traditional workstation.

Unlike standing desks, yours is only good for sitting and has a fixed height. You can stand while working on it whenever you like, though. But you will have to put something on top of it, so you can work comfortably.

With this, you contemplate on the benefits and safety of building a makeshift work platform. This means finding suitable objects that you can stack on top of your current desk, so you can work conveniently while standing.

You can pile up books, folders, boxes, plastic containers or whatever four-dimensional object is on hand. But will it be safe? Will it be sturdy enough to support your computer?

“No”. If replacing your sitting desk with an adjustable-height standing unit is not the best option, a standing desk conversion may be right for you.

How? Get a standing desk converter.


standing desk converter

Work sitting or standing with this ultra-easy solution and enjoy all the benefits adding movement to your workday brings – increased productivity, energy and wellness.

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What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

Also known as a riser, a standing desk converter allows you to transform your current sitting desk into a standing unit. No need for a replacement. You can set it up in a matter of seconds. Use it straight out of the box and start shifting between sitting and standing as you work without worries.

With this standing desk conversion kit, you no longer have to go through the grueling process of dismantling or discarding your current desk to make way for a new one. Moreover, you do not have to review confusing manuals and spend hours figuring out how you can successfully put all the pieces together.

Freedom E Desk, Sit-Stand Electric Converter

If you get the best standing desk converter from StandDesk, you get the privilege of owning a unit designed for your needs. It has 12 height options. To adjust it, just hold down the levers located on each side at the same time. Upon applying the required pressure, the gas springs will start working immediately. In seconds, you can enjoy the benefits of standing while working on your ergonomically designed sitting-to-standing desk converter.

Why Should You Get a Sitting-to-Standing Desk Converter

Although getting a custom-built standing desk will open to doors for your healthier work practice in the years to come, an adjustable standing desk converter will work just as well. If you need to transform your desk in the blink of an eye or are too impatient to put up with installers assembling a new unit and disrupting your work, then this type of equipment is ideal for you.

Of the many reasons why some customers go for standing desk converters instead of a fully built desk, price tops the list. Unlike a new standing desk, a converter is relatively cheap. So if you are looking for ways to reduce your company’s logistic expenses or you are strapped for cash, consider ordering one.

A riser is more flexible. So it does not matter what desk you have at the moment. You can put it right on top of any surface any time you want to experience the benefits of standing while working.

Portable Standing Desk Converter

Another advantage is portability. You can transform any table or surface high enough to be a workstation into a standing station with the aid of a height-adjustable standing desk converter. Because you can pack it easily and carry it with you anywhere, you can enjoy the benefits of having a sit-stand desk wherever, whenever.

Such portability explains why some users choose it over a fully assembled standing unit. It can adapt to any situation or setting. Because you do not have to assemble anything, you no longer have to set aside space and time just for putting a new desk together.

Standing Desk Converter Price

A standing desk converter for a laptop typically fetches around $400 - however our standing desk converters sell at great price points. Even if you opt for the most expensive unit in the market, it will not cost you as much as a standing desk would.

The price difference of $450-$2,600+ explains why some users find it more practical to just get a standing desk converter than a new standing desk. If you already have a sturdy desk, maybe it will be wiser for you to just get this attachment.

However, if your desk is dilapidated or not ergonomically designed, then you are better off ordering a height adjustable standing desk instead. With proper use, a fully assembled unit will last several years. Also, you can look forward to using it without worries. For small offices, newly assembled units are more practical.

 Solid Bamboo Standing Desk

Our Bamboo standing desk also doubles as a dry-erase surface so you can have impromptu brainstorms or write down reminders.

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Lose Weight with a Sitting-to-Standing Desk Converter

Because a sitting-to-standing desk converter is an attachment that will transform your conventional sitting desk into standing unit, the health benefits it brings are the same. Once placed on top of any surface, it automatically prompts users to stand up or shift easily from sitting to standing instantaneously. And because you will be standing no differently than when you are using a regular standing desk, the advantages you gain healthwise are the same.

Fact has it that standing burns more calories than sitting down. Although this helps greatly, it does not suffice to promote weight loss. Nor does it help speed up metabolism in such a way that you will burn calories faster than usual. However, it does improve your overall health through the following:

  • Standing Desk Converters and Weight Loss - Although you cannot expect to burn 5 pounds a week just by standing while working, it does keep obesity at bay. With this, you can surmise that it works well in preventing weight gain (if you do not eat more than you usually do, that is). Based on a research that involved students using standing-biased classroom desks, it can help reduce BMI by up to three percent annually.
  • Standing Desk Converters and Diabetes - Type 2 diabetes ranks as one of the deadliest side effects of living a sedentary lifestyle. Now, when you alternate between sitting and standing at work, you reverse the effects positively. In so doing, you steer clear of coming down with this chronic incurable ailment, which is responsible for approximately 1.6 million
    deaths back in 2015.
  • Standing Desk Converters and Back Pain - You will not have to put up with persistent neck and back pain. For most office workers, getting a monthly or weekly massage is a must. Why? Because they sit frozen in their seat for hours, their muscles in these areas get strained resulting to discomfort. As is the common case, they will only know that they have not moved for hours the minute they change their position. Once this happens, they automatically experience the electrical-shock-like pain in these parts of their body.
  • Standing Desks and Feeling Sleepy At Work - The fact that you are standing means that you stay alert, no matter what. However, apart from being able to fight off the magic of the sandman, standing while working does make you more productive. Hence, you can do much
    more—and with enthusiasm and improved focus to boot.

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter: What Kind of Models Exist

Like standing desks, there are different types of adjustable standing desk converter (e.g. dual monitor standing desk converter). Each type has its own pros and cons. In choosing the best one, you have to consider several factors: your budget, needs, laptop/computer/other gadgets and accessories used at work, space available, and any existing desk or office equipment that can be used as a workstation.

After factoring in all these necessary details, you can start canvassing. Check out reputable manufacturers/sellers like StandDesk. To familiarize you, here are some of the variants offered in the market nowadays:

  • Sit-to-Stand Desk Converter

You can lower or raise a sit-to-stand desk converter easily. All you have to do ispush down the levers. This quick adjustment feature makes shifting between standing and sitting a breeze. The cost for the manually operated versions of this type ranges from $350 up to $450. The electricity-powered variants, on the other hand, are more costly with prices starting at $600. Without a doubt, electronically adjusting the height of a converter is more convenient. However, if staying on budget is imperative, find out first if this type of unit will fit your situation before buying.

  • Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

This variant comes with shelves that you need to move around whenever you have to raise or lower it. Unlike the sit-to-stand model, this requires manual effort on the user’s part. You can easily adjust it based on your preferred height. Because it is ergonomically designed like the other types of converters, any adjustment you make will conform to set principles that assure efficiency and

  • Fixed Monitor Standing Desk Converter

If you want a fixed stand for your monitor, this is the ideal converter for you. Basically, you cannot move the monitor or keyboard separately. This type of unit is designed to make both components of your computer equipment move as one, hence limiting its flexibility. One unit can cost $300 up to $400, depending on the brand and other specifications.

  • Other Variants of Risers

Nowadays, you will find more types of risers available aside from the three popular varieties detailed herein. Usually, these other options come in the form of small units with legs, and they have to be placed on top of tables. Like the three top models, these variants have different features and prices. As always, it will depend on the specific brand and your needs.

Post and Base Standing Desk Converter vs. Hover Standing Desk Converter

Depending on your task, the way you use your desk top will vary. For most users who need to go over piles upon piles of physical documents, a more spacious work area is a must. Other, however, frequently have to share screens with colleagues as they discuss work matters while presenting tasks on their monitors.

Variations in work styles coincide with the amount of accessories or physical documents used. Therefore, it only makes sense for the specifications of your workstation to conform to these needs. In turn, you will have to consider these when shopping for the best standing desk converter.

Aside from the three general categories of risers detailed previously, there are other specific models available. These types of standing desk converter are designed and categorized based on how you use your desk surface. They are grouped into two main types: base and hover.

Base Standing Desk Converter

What differentiates a base standing desk converter from a hover type is its incapacity to be moved around. They usually have two main parts: the platform for holding the monitor and a specially designed tray for the keyboard. A fixed riser, it is further subdivided into the following types, aptly categorized according to the shape of each one’s base.

  • X Shape

Looking at it upfront, an X-shape base riser resembles a smaller version of an ironing board. Its bottom is designed to be narrower than the top to allow users to push the platforms higher as they see fit. In lowering it, the bottom will widen to accommodate the adjustment accordingly. Usually, this type takes more time to adjust. It needs more effort while it is being raised and to remain stable in taller heights.

  • Double X Shape

Unlike the X Shape riser, the Double X Shape type has not just one but two x-shaped bases. Each one is placed beneath the width sides of the platform. With two bases for added support, the unit can be raised and lowered faster.

  • Z Shape

The singular arm of the Z Shape riser retracts when it is lowered and lengthens vertically when it is raised. The arcing pattern it makes whenever you adjust its height either way gently moves you away from your desk if you are sitting down. When you are standing, however, it does the exact opposite by bringing you closer to the desk. The design of this type does not raise the keyboard when you are sitting. Instead, it keeps it on the same level or slightly lower as the surface.

  • Double Z Shape

Considered as one of the most popular risers in the market, the Double Z Shape boasts of two steel arms attached to the width undersides of the platform. Every time you raise it, the platform moves towards you. Then, it moves away when you lower it. Compared to the Z shape riser, this type provides more support for larger work surfaces.

    Hover Standing Desk Converter

    If you often have to share your screens with co-workers, a hover standing desk converter is ideal. Its platform hovers, so you can easily swing it around whenever you need to show documents or reports to your colleagues.

    Design-wise, this type of riser is built with a larger than usual monitor arm. The latter comes with an additional work surface that lets users use their keyboards with ease. Basically, a hover converter is as flexible as a monitor arm.

    • Do your tasks require you to review several hard copies of documented reports and skim various resources at once? If yes, then a hover riser will prevent you from cluttering your desk top. Once you are done browsing through all your materials, you can easily slide it out of the way. And voila! You instantly access your work area without having to put away all the files you were going through earlier.
    • With this type, you do not have to buy a separate monitor arm. It is designed to hold monitors well, so you can view them without straining your neck or back. If you want a standing desk converter dual monitor setup, you can get one, but it will cost a little more than the standard one-monitor variant. Majority of dual monitor arm models need an ergonomically adjustable cross bar placed on the monitor pole. There are models that feature a tilting keyboard tray that allows you to type ergonomically. Aside from the declined angle the keyboard lets you tilt,
      pan, and rotate your monitors for strain-free typing.

    Electric Standing Desk Converters vs. Manual Standing Desk

    To make the right choice, you need to do a bit research and compare prices. Not only that, but you also need to review each one’s features and other significant details. Although tedious, this is a must if you want to get the best value for your money. Although each brand will have a unique quality that distinguishes it from the competition, they are all united in terms of having the following qualities:

    • Shifting between standing and sitting height is easy: just push a button.
    • The unit is designed to be placed atop a desk or table. So its ergonomic structure automatically conforms to your needs, regardless of the type of surface it is placed on.
    • Like standing desks, risers come in a variety of desk top finishes and materials: bamboo, eco, rubber wood, reclaimed wood, etc.
    • They are built with sturdy, coated steel base whose weight capacity suffices to accommodate your laptop/PC monitor and other accessories.

    Now that we have discussed the general features and merits of an electric standing desk converter, let us now take a closer look at its manual counterpart. As its name implies, you can adjust this type of riser without using electricity.

    After positioning it on top of your regular desk (or any table), you can start adjusting its height. This part is optional, however. If the riser already achieves the ideal height for your needs without adjustments, you can just skip this part and proceed to using it. Otherwise, you have to use the paddles or levers on the sides to adjust it.

    In place of electricity, manual risers use springs or air pistons for lifting. These mechanisms work efficiently in allowing you to shift from compact to fully extended positions any time. To activate them, just squeeze the paddles or levers.

    Before opting for a manual standing desk riser, you should consider the following factors: your convenience options, physical capacity and budget. If you prioritize your convenience or just cannot be bothered with squeezing levers to adjust height because of an overly cramped schedule, then you are best off getting an electrically powered unit. The same consideration applies if you are on a tight budget or cannot use your hands for working the levers.

    Standing Desk Converter for a Laptop

    Many laptop users find it more convenient to use standing desk converters. When you look at these units closely, they are not built for accommodating bulky CPUs and can only support the monitor and keyboard. This explains why, they are more ideal for laptops.

    Just like laptops, these units rest on top of any desk or table easily. The assembly is simpler and could be done much faster than putting together a fully functional standing desk.

    Not all converters are equal. Setting aside the distinctions between a manually operated riser and an electronic version, certain brands and models have features designed for specific purposes (e.g. additional tops).

    To help you better decide on whether to get a riser or just a standing desk, go over the advantages and disadvantages detailed below:

    Standing Desk Riser Advantages

    • Standing Desk Risers are more affordable. You can start standing while working without shelling out hundreds or even thousands on a standing desk. Aside from being cheaper overall as a unit, you do not have to worry about other extra expenses like moving, removing or donating your current desk.
    • Standing Desk Risers are easier to assemble (sometimes even no assembly required). Unless you love building things with your hands (which means you are a DIYer), you will not enjoy assembling it. Usually, a standing desk converter kit contains a fully assembled unit that is ready for immediate use. Upon receiving your order, you just take it out and place it right on top of your desk. And it’s done! You can start working right then and there.
    • If you have to change workstations for any reason, then a standing desk riser is ideal. It is portable, so you can bring it with you to any location and place it atop any desk or table available. You can work in your room, family room or even kitchen counter.

    Standing Desk Riser Disadvantages

    • Standing Desk Risers are only big enough to house your laptop or keyboard and monitor. The small spaces left can only accommodate small work accessories like a mouse, pens, small notepads, etc. If you hog a lot of space while working, you may find standing desks more suitable. These days, however, some manufacturers offer models with larger surface areas.
    • Aesthetically speaking, not all users find risers particularly attractive. In some cases, spotting someone working on a riser can be quite an eye sore. Either that or they just take away attention without noticing it. So if you are scanning the office room, you will apparently look at the person with the riser
    • Risers are not built for holding items heavier than the usual equipment you regularly use for work (computer monitor, keyboard, and laptop) Majority of the models offered in the market function on oil springs or gas-operated mechanisms, whose operations are directly affected by the amount of weight on the desk top. Depending on how heavy the items are, it could rise and lower faster or more slowly. To avoid getting stuck, know the weight limit of your riser first.

    Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converters: Keep Your Screen Real Estate

    Not all standing desk converters are built to accommodate two monitors. Nowadays, some users have to check multiple data/information. Doing so means keeping several open windows or spreadsheets at the same time. With so many things going on at once, confining all these to a single monitor is not only inconvenient but also confusing.

    • Dual Monitor Arms For Standing Desks - This all-too-common need gave way for the invention of the dual monitor arm. There are brands that carry this type of unit. Differing brands can translate to differing prices and even features.
    • Standing Desk Riser For Two Monitors - Each brand is expected to have its unique qualities differentiating it from the competition. Risers built to fit two monitors at once are usually common with models having 35” surface areas.
    • Measure Your Monitors First - The design involves placing monitors side by side, so users can easily shift between screens as needed. Before canvassing, measure the sizes, specifically the widths of your monitors first. Then once you begin shopping around, make sure to check the width sizes of each unit. This way, you can be sure that you will
      get the best one for your needs.
    • Dual Monitor Arms Made Of Steel - Basically, this model of Dual Monitor Arm will have two durable, steel arms. Each arm is designed to hold one monitor. Most brands carry models with adjustable arms that you can position based on your preference. More often than not, users prefer having their monitors placed side by side.

    How the StandDesk Standing Desk Converter Stacks up Against the Competition

    As with most risers, the StandDesk standing desk converter allows users to enjoy the benefits of working while standing without the disadvantages of owning a fully assembled standing desk. Meticulously designed according to the highest ergonomic standards, it can be used straight out of the box. All you need to do is put it on top of your old workstation and voila!

    But that is not all there is to this riser. It is also portable and made of tough, hardy steel. So whenever you feel like you can use a change of place while retaining the benefits of using a standing desk, you just take the riser with you and put it atop any surface you prefer. Its outstanding features include the following:

    • Standing Desks For Any Height - 12 height options are available. Adjust it any time and in three seconds flat—that is how easy and quick it is! Having this many options ensures that you or whoever will use the riser can look forward to a healthy standing-while-working experience.
    • Standing Desk With Levers - The gas-spring-operated levers found on the sides let you adjust the height manually with little physical effort required. Because it is not electrically powered, the cost is generally lower and more affordable.
    • Standing Desk For Two Monitors - With a dimension of 47” x 36”, its surface is big and more-than sturdy enough to support two monitors.
    • Standing Desk For Tablets & Phones - It also comes with a tablet and smartphone holder. This way, you can keep them on hand without risking their safety, which is a common issue with users who place these gadgets alongside work files, equipment and other accessories.
    • Pre-Assembled Standing Desk Converter - No more assembly needed. Just take it out of the box upon delivery, and start using it right away!
    • Standing Desk With Keyboard Tray - You can load items aside from your computer keyboard on the keyboard tray weighing up to 4 lbs. The main rise, on the other hand, can hold up to 33 lbs.
    • Adjustable Standing Desk Riser - Because this ergonomically designed converter is optimized for maximizing space, you can adjust its height vertically and horizontally as needed.

    StandDesk's Standing Desk Converter Reviews

    Given the many standing desk converter choices available nowadays, picking out the right one can be quite challenging. Before you start shopping around, it will be wise to do some research first. You can check out reputable standing desk converter reviews on the internet.

    These reviews present comprehensive point-by-point comparisons that inform you how each brand stacks up. They use the following guidelines, presented in Q&A format for easier reading as basis. Go over these and apply them during your research prior to selecting the best brand for your needs:

    How much space is allotted for the keyboard and mouse?

    Although converters work well with laptops, it should be designed in a way that it has enough space for accommodating your keyboard and mouse. Some models even come with keyboard trays, so you have a bit more space allotted for other accessories and equipment. In checking, know the exact amount of space and dimensions, as well as the shape of the surface. You also need to find out to what extent you can move your mouse or if any restriction to its movement applies in the first place.

    How much surface space do you need while working?

    Working on a riser can disconnect you from the other things on your desk. Now, if you are using any of these items frequently, reaching out to get them time and time again will not only be inconvenient, but it will also be distracting. And this may adversely impact your productivity. Therefore, you should look for models with wide desk tops. Alternatively, you may also find it advantageous to check out standing desks with large surfaces.

    • Is the unit convenient to use?

    The convenience of using a converter can be easily determined. If you are having a hard time locating the levers or switches required in adjusting the height or you are applying too much physical effort in raising it, then it is hard to operate.

    • Are you particular about how your workstation looks?

    There are users who find risers an eye sore. For them, that bulky frame sitting atop the surface of their desk ruins the overall aesthetic balance of their workspace interior. Not that there is anything wrong about this. But if aesthetics and ambience matter much to you, then you might as well get a new standing desk instead of a riser. Another option will be to check out models with sleek designs.

    • Do you work with heavy equipment?

    If your typical work arsenal involves the use of several monitors plus other heavy equipment, then a riser may not be right for you. Before you start doing research, know the type of tools and equipment you use regularly. If possible, determine their combined weight. Then take note of this while canvassing for risers.

    • Do you find installation too time-consuming?

    There are people who love working with their hands and find satisfaction in installing desks on their own. Others, however, just do not have the patience for it and find the whole process a waste of time. Now, if you fall into the latter group, you might as well go for a converter instead of a standing desk. You can use it straight out of the box. No installation or going through detailed manuals anymore.

    At StandDesk, you can get an adjustable riser that fits perfectly with any regular desk or table. Shift from sitting to standing in a jiffy. Because these risers are built using the finest materials, you can look forward to using them for a very long time. And because your needs always come first, expect that these risers were designed based on exacting ergonomic standards.

    Is A Sit Stand Desk Worth It?

    These converters are presented alongside their topnotch selection of standing desks. Depending on your specifications, you can opt for a riser or a standing desk. Either way opens you to a world of advantages. Not only do these ergonomically designed workstations open you to the advantages of working healthily. But they also provide great value for your money. For more details, do feel free to inquire with their friendly customer sales representative.

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