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Article: Why You Should Invest in Standing Office Desks for Your Company

Why You Should Invest in Standing Office Desks for Your Company

Why You Should Invest in Standing Office Desks for Your Company

Why Should You Use A Standing Desk At Work?

Have you ever wondered why many people who work at an office gain considerable weight after a few years? Blame it on sitting. Studies revealed that American employees spend six hours on average frozen in their seats.

Because they are busy with their tasks, desk-job warriors typically do not notice the hours pile on—and with this, the pounds/kilos add up as well. It may seem harmless at first. But sitting for a long time does not only lead to adding unwanted weight and minor discomforts in the neck and back areas.

It could also shorten life.

Thus, it comes as no surprise why the campaign “sitting is the new smoking” has quickly caught on. Numerous researches have confirmed how a sedentary lifestyle could seriously endanger health. Therefore, it only makes sense that employers encourage their employees to stand instead of sit during office hours.

And the best place to start is by replacing traditional desks with standing office desks.

What Is a Standing Office Desk?

Also called a stand-up desk, or a standing desk, a standing office desk is an ergonomically designed table that lets users read, write, or work on their computers while standing or sitting on specially made stools. Although considered as a relatively new trend, it has actually been around for centuries. However, back in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was only popular among people who were well-off. Commonly used in homes and offices, it was favored by famous personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and more.

Standing desks come in different styles. Each one is designed to fit a particular task. Some are built with adjustable heights, so operators can sit whenever they please. There are also styles that are distinctively crafted to function like lecterns. These allow users to stand by simply placing the desk on top of another desk. Should you prefer to sit down, however, all you need to do is remove it.

Will You Require a Special Chair for a Standing Desk?

Not all types of chairs can be used for a standing office desk. To match its design style and purpose, operators need to use a standing stool or standing chair. Ergonomically structured, this type of seat, which is particularly designed for a standing desk, eases discomfort whenever operators assume a position between standing and sitting.

The horizontal mesh back task chair is designed with comfort and ease in mind.

Buy a Chair For Your Desk

3 Simple Reasons Why a Standing Office Desk Is Good for Business

There is much more to standing desks than just being trendy office furniture. To better explain how your employees can benefit from using them while boosting your day-to-day business operations, read on.

1.  A Healthier Work Force Is a More Productive Work Force

The results of a study conducted by the Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health in 2013-2014 showed that the use of standing desks improves employees’ productivity. Compared to those who were seated almost throughout their shift, workers who were standing while completing tasks became steadily more productive over time.

An in-office experiment further validated this proof when they tested the benefits of having their employees use standing desks. Their conclusion: standing with backs straight raises productivity by up to 10%. Not only does it improve posture, but it also benefits overall health. Studies have shown that it combats the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It reduces an individual’s risks of suffering from heart attacks, cancer, back pain, diabetes, obesity and more.

Increased productivity, however, is not the only benefit your employees can get when they use standing desks. It also works in keeping them alert and focused. Moreover, it helps stimulate creativity. So whenever you find yourself unable to come up with unique ideas for projects, you only have to stand to get your creative juices flowing.

2.  Standing Office Desks Might Decrease the Likelihood of a Workers Comp Claim

Did you know that 32% of work-related injuries in 2014 are caused by prolonged sitting? Common complaints include musculoskeletal problems like muscle strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. With the use of standing desks, employees might be less likely to complain of health issues that could be connected to sitting for hours on end. Based on the research featured on the British Journal of Sports Medicine, workers gain the most advantage if they stand for a total of two hours divided throughout their shift.

In addition, standing has been proven to increase longevity. The reduced risk of coming down with the illnesses mentioned previously explains this. As pointed out by a 2011 study of American employees, those who halved the average six hours spent sitting each day to just three hours, added two years to their life expectancy. In the process, they also succeeded in bettering their posture and decreasing eye strain.

3.  An Office Standing Desk Offers a Choice to Your Employees

Unlike traditional, non-adjustable workstations, a standing office desk allows employees to sit and stand as they please. It will all depend on their individual situation and what position they find most convenient while working. Should they choose to stand more often, they gain the benefit of “not adding unwanted weight”. This fact resulted from research done by Mayo Clinic. Accordingly, the researchers advise employees to take breaks by walking every now and then—even short strolls in the lounge or trips to the toilet or water cooler will do. Doing so suffices to help fight the negative health effects of sitting down. But standing on its own also works, as the amount of calories burned every hour is 50 times more than that of sitting.

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Should I Buy A Standing Desk?

So are you still on the fence about replacing your “for-sitting-only workstations” with standing desks? With all the benefits gained from using this ergonomically designed office equipment, it is understandable why the number of companies that acquire it is continuously increasing.

But as with all healthy lifestyle changes, gradually incorporating an activity into a regimen is the best way to go. Hence, experts advise that users start with just 20 minutes at a time and just increase it little by little until they get used to the practice. Because standing comes naturally, the act of doing it often will seem almost effortless. Before you and employees realize it, it has already turned into a habit.

However, if you have spent most of your office hours sitting for years, drastically changing your routine by standing for long periods could lead to muscle strain. So do take it slowly. Remember: a few minutes at a time done every day works best. As with all successful endeavors, consistency is always key.

For more information on how you can maximize the advantages of replacing your traditional workstations with standing desks, contact our office today. Our friendly sales people will provide quotes upon request. They will tailor the quote to your office’s and employees’ specific needs. This way, you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money.

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