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Article: The Best Sit-to-Stand Desk Battle: Updesk vs. Geekdesk vs. StandDesk

The Best Sit-to-Stand Desk Battle: Updesk vs. Geekdesk vs. StandDesk

The Best Sit-to-Stand Desk Battle: Updesk vs. Geekdesk vs. StandDesk

The Best Sit-to-Stand Desk Battle: Updesk vs. Geekdesk vs. StandDesk

You've made the decision. It's time to invest in a sit-to-stand desk, but where do you go from there? There are several brands available, all claiming to be the best. In reality, the best depends on what's important you.

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It's important to consider the quality, buying experience, aesthetics, flexibility, and cost associated with a sit-to-stand desk.

In an epic sit-to-stand-desk battle, which one comes out on top? We'll let you be the judge of that. Let's look at the pros and cons of some of the top standing desk brands so you can decide which one is the best fit for your needs.


Up first is UpDesk! Let's see what it brings to the fight.

UpDesk comes out swinging with the UpWrite model. For those of you who like to cover any surface you can reach with notes and ideas, this desk doubles as a dry-erase board. The 1.25 inch thick high-pressure compressed fiber laminate top is 60x30 inches, has an adjustable height of 25.5 to 50.5 inches, and can support 300+ pounds.

UpDesks aren't going to stand out for amazingly beautiful design, but offer a clean, simple look that can compliment any office. These desks can easily transition from sitting to standing, sporting three motorized presets and plenty of height options. UpDesks accommodate users of average height.

Some users, like TechnoBuffalo, felt that the assembly was "much harder" than Ikea furniture, so some additional time and help may be required. In fact, a higher quality piece of furniture should be expected to be more difficult to assemble than Ikea furniture.

The average cost of an UpDesk is $1,149, which lands at the higher end of the mid-range sit-to-stand desks.

updesk standdesk

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Up next is GeekDesk, which undercuts the UpDesk in cost with a desk moderately priced at $749. With a modern, functional design aesthetic and five wooden desktop finish options, it can easily compliment your office space.

There are two desktop width sizes available, large at 78 inches and medium at 63 inches. Both options are considered wide for a desk, so make sure you measure your workspace before you order. The desk height can be adjusted between 23 and 48.5 inches, and it has a 275 pound weight capacity.

This option may be best for people who won't be transitioning from sitting to standing frequently. The GeekDesk is a great piece of furniture. If there is a con, it would be the relatively slow adjustment time compared to other sit-to-stand desks, moving at just 35mm per second. But, for most people, this will not be a big deal.


geekdesk standdesk

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Last comes the StandDesk, offering the "best of both worlds," according to GizMag, for users who want to easily transition between sitting and standing while they work. StandDesk is a newer sit-to-stand desk creator, with products described as "automatic and affordable" by Business Insider.

Users can choose from desktop finish options of bamboo or sleek laminate.


Like UpDesk's UpWrite model, the bamboo desktops are dry erase friendly. The StandDesk frame is available in matte black or gloss gray, and it can be ordered separately if you want to customize your desktop.

standdesk frame

The StandDesk frame is $399, and a full desk undercuts the competitors with a starting price of $489. StandDesk offers users add-ons and feature options, allowing you to build a desk that meets your needs. Basic and deluxe memory controls, offering convenient height presets, are available.

The StandDesk height range is 28 to 45 inches. with a weight capacity of 225 pounds. StandDesk reviews have found the desk assembly and ease of desk use to be positive experiences and customer service is top notch.

Which Standing Desk is Best For You?

You've read about the contenders, and now the choice is up to you.

One of the major differences between the three sit-to-stand desks is the cost. The price of the desk shouldn't be the only determining factor; after all, you are investing in your health and lifestyle, not just a piece of furniture. But combining a great price with quality in a desk that meets your needs is never a bad thing.

Most important, you should be completely satisfied with your sit-to-stand desk and enjoy the benefits of it for years to come. If you're ready, go build your custom standing desk.


black laminate standing desk

With one-touch digital height adjustment, 15-minute assembly, and free shipping, we believe HomeBase is the only standing desk your will ever need.

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