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Article: The Best Standing Desks for Students

The Best Standing Desks for Students

The Best Standing Desks for Students

The Best Standing Desks for Students 

In today’s world, students depend heavily on their laptops or desktop computers for both study and play.

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And although this tech allow us to achieve greater efficiency studying, heavy computer usage can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which is bad news for your health.

In fact, research suggests  extended computer usage as seen with most students, is associated with insomnia… which also has a strong link to hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

There's More

Aside from insomnia and heart problems, students with inactive lifestyles face additional risks that aren't present in adults. According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, physically active and fit children always academically surpass the unfit and inactive ones whether in long-term or short-term basis.

In short, students living a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have low self esteem and poor academic performance. This is because the effects a sedentary lifestyle has on the brain have a can have a direct impact on your mood and your academic performance.

Luckily, these issues can be addressed by using ergonomic and dynamic furniture such as standing desks. Some of the benefits of using standing desks include reduced sedentary behavior, a more stimulated brain that is likely to lead to better grades, back pain relief, and improved engagement which leads to better academic performance.

So then the question becomes, "Which are the best standing desks for students?"


best standing desk for students

Student Options on Standing Desks

Stand2Learn is one of the companies that concentrate on providing students with a healthy lifestyle through standing desks. It was founded by Mark Benden PhD, CPE of the Texas A&M Health Science Center and he has actually conducted his own research on the effects of standing desks in schools.

The company, however, focuses more on designing ergonomic desks for younger students.

Now for those in colleges and universities, there are some viable options available in the market that will go easy on the wallet.

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Stand Steady Desk - This product is among the simplest standing desks and are great for students. Just put it on any level surface and it's ready for use. Its desktop of 24 x 20 inches provides ample space for the monitor, keyboard and mouse or simply for your laptop alone. The design is a space saver, making it perfect for students living in dorms or compact apartments. Plus, height adjustment is easy to do thanks to the snap buttons on the aluminum legs.

Kangaroo Pro Junior - This is another product that can be conveniently set on a counter or any level surface. Its heavy weight of 35 lbs provides greater stability while being used. Unlike the Stand Steady, this desk is designed to be used with flat monitors weighing 12 lbs or less. The monitor bracket and the working surface can be separately adjusted, giving students greater flexibility.

Techni Mobili MDF Cart - Although not as slim or compact as the previous entries, this podium-style desk will still be a delight to students especially if they're living in a small room. For one, the desk has two shelves in the lower portion, providing ample storage space. It is also highly mobile, thanks to the set of 4 wheels that roll smoothly even on carpets. Two of these wheels have locking mechanisms to ensure stability while working with a laptop.

Focal Locus - With this product, college students don't just get a height adjustable desk with a hand crank system, they can also have a working surface that can be conveniently tilted up to 15 degrees. This is definitely a must have for those in the courses of fine arts, architecture, engineering and other fields that require the constant use of a drafting board. The desk also comes with a cable management system and 2 removable cup holders.

StandDesk Standing Desk - This versatile working table offers the best of both worlds, as its adjustable height has a range that's suitable enough for both sitting and standing while working. Using a custom motor and convenient control buttons, students can quickly change from one working position to another without breaking their concentration. With its weight of 61 lbs, it's sturdy enough to be a replacement of traditional desks. It can also hold weight as heavy as 225 lbs, which means that one can actually sit or lie on it. The product is highly customizable and you can choose your frame design and color as well as the material for your working surface when you order it.

Vari Desk Pro 36 - Here's another ergonomic product that you can place on any level surface yet it is wide so you need a larger area to put it on. This standing desk is perfect for students of graphic design, web development, software engineering and other courses that benefit from working with two monitors. It is capable of supporting as much as 35 lbs of weight and features a spring-assisted mechanism to easily and quickly adjust the height when needed.


standing desk for students

Invest in Standing Desks Today for Academic Success

School life is already hard enough as it is, students shouldn't be let’s not make it harder by leading a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from the effects it brings with it...

And remember: active students, as research revealed, are more confident to do more and are more academically successful since physical activities like aerobic exercises benefit the brain greatly.

Pick out your own customized StandDesk today.

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